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Death of a murderer

My latest book, written in English and titled "Death of a murderer" (ISBN 978-3-756510-04-7 ) has been published and reviewed (see below).

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An attempt to explain the story / short description:
Stephan Vettel is an ambitious manager in the international business of high-tech weapon systems, and he is telling the story how his and his family's lives were toppled upside down, after he escaped from the catastrophe of an airplane crash. Was it an attack to kill, an extended suicide attempt, or a chain of simple coincidences that brought the airplane down from the sky?
His wife, Laura, joins him in telling her view of the storyline, and you know women as usual have the right for the last word.
Stephan stumbled into a fatal intrigue following an awful Halloween Party last fall. That was exactly the first time when his troubles started. Living a spoiled life in a luxurious comfort zone, the important things which could derail his future life were concealed from his perception. Thus, the situation was incessantly sliding out of his hands, and his life changed from an exciting gamble into a vicious spiral. Too late, he is able to figure out the fatal connections his father-in-law was linked to. Consequently, he could not avoid being dragged into an unscrupulous nightmare, which left him behind, shaky and scared. So far.
Enjoy reading and cross fingers that the situation improves.